Summer activities and their importance in developing your child’s skills

الأنشطة الصيفية وأهميتها في تنمية مهارات طفلك

Summer activities and their importance in developing your child’s skills

Vacation is a double-edged sword for children because they can spend it in two different ways
– The first way – is through mobile screens or television
Or on the Internet, YouTube, etc., and – the second way –
They spend their summer vacation learning a new skill or activity
It benefits them in their lives, which is why the vacation is very necessary if
You have been exploited, right? Our role is to help you and make it easier for you.
The main reason for our topic is “Awareness” for every mother and father
About the dangers of using the Internet and electronic screens
(Excessively) because it will have a lot of damage, such as poor eyesight and the disappearance of social personality due to the isolation in which your child is.

Just using the vacation correctly will you avoid many problems?

Not just avoiding problems, this will also help you greatly enrich your children’s various skills. We will introduce you to some of the benefits of doing summer activities for children.

1 – (Skill development games):

Skills development games are the alternative teacher for the child, they will teach your children many skills such as sensory, language, motor, and mental skills
It also increases IQ, reading, and writing, and teaches counting
And arithmetic operations.. and many other skills that we will talk about.

2 – (Reading):

Encourage your children to the hobby of reading during the holidays, by purchasing interesting stories, fantasy books, and adventures that encourage reading.

3- (Participation in housework):

It is very important that we let our children participate in the housework, such as cleaning the house, arranging the house, and participating in preparing the food. This will develop a sense of responsibility and will make your child able to rely on himself.

4 – (Sports activities):

The benefits of sports are not well known; Physical benefits of exercise
And psychologically will also strengthen your child’s body and refine his morals, and we must encourage them from their childhood to practice different types of sports such as gym games for children, individual games or group games, and many others.

5- (Learning origami):

Origami is the art of paper folding, and this art is based on transforming flat paper into animal shapes or in the form of a compound and many other shapes.

6- (Summer Games):

Summer games are group games and entertainment for children, which will improve the social skill of the child and give him a more social personality because he plays them with his sisters and friends. Summer games are varied and simple, such as a plastic swimming pool and many other various water games.
Follow us for the next period, we will start taking care of summer activities and provide you with
Everything that benefits your child, develops his skills, and increases his intelligence…


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