Matching Toys

 What do Matching Toys mean?

 What do Matching Toys mean?

Matching Toys are the primary activity for children playing, and this is greatly improved
In their personalities, you will make your child aware of the truth, want to participate in the work, and think
Logically and they judge things, and from here we should care about matching games!
Marginalizing the education game would be tantamount to depriving the child of the most effective educational tools,
Also, the role of the father and mother is to facilitate the achievement of activities and experiences that help
Their children learn and develop by relating them to their needs, interests, and motivations.


The matching Toys features?

It will generate creativity for the child in many things such as: (sensory, motor, muscular and mental coordination).
It has a clear social value because it contributes to the formation of habits of cooperation and assistance, and thus to
More realistic knowledge of the world.
It is a medium of evolutionary emotional expression, which makes it a very useful technique for the psychologist and educator especially when it comes to learning about the problems that affect the child.
The nature of games motivates children and facilitates their participation in various activities
It is an alternative to routine activities.
It will help them very much in learning colors and distinguishing between them easily
– It will also help them learn arithmetic and counting in a simple way
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