Is strength training suitable for children?

Is strength training suitable for children?

Is strength training suitable for children?

Every mother asks for strength training suitable for children! And does she have a certain age? 🤔
Strength training distinguishes children in many things, but there are things we warn of that must be taken into account.. ⛔️
In the beginning, strength exercises for children will be very excellent if they are carried out correctly, and this type of exercise is possible
Exercise makes the path of health and fitness for the child better
forever! 👌

*important note*

The big difference between “strength training” and “weightlifting or fitness
bodies or lifting the load” 📣!
Weight lifting and succession (muscle amplification): can cause stress
On the small muscles, tendons, and cartilage that are still transformed
into bones (growth plates). 👎🏻
But strong exercises (increasing muscle strength and endurance): are exercises
Light and simple movements in the appropriate range of motion, using body weight
The benefits of strength exercises for children if they are exercised properly? 😉
• It will increase your child’s muscle strength and endurance 💪
• It will help protect muscles and joints from injuries when exercising 🙌
• It will help improve your child’s performance in any sport he wants to learn
In the future and a distinct cell in it 👌
• It will help boost blood pressure and cholesterol levels in
blood 🩸
• It will help the child maintain a healthy weight ✌️
• It will enhance the child’s confidence and self-esteem 🤝

Do you have a certain age? 🤔

From the first 7 years of age, we start making strength training a part of the overall fitness plan, as long as the child is mature
Enough to follow the instructions and be able to carry out the exercises correctly and appropriately.
💞 You can follow the most important articles on the child and the development of skills continuously through our page 💞
If you finish reading do like and share so that all mothers and fathers benefit 🤍🤍


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