Best tricks for your “Kid’s Area” from Diva Egypt

Best tricks for your Kids Area
We’ll talk about some tricks that will help you a lot in your Kids Area.
The Kids Area project is one of the new projects that have begun to spread in the recent period. The kids area or play zone is a specific space with different types of toys, and it is suitable for different age groups to achieve the biggest profit per month. The children entry to the Kids Area will be with fees and a certain time during this period the child can play with all the toys he likes.
At the first trick..
We need to take care of Kids play area and pay attention to every detail that will make you “The first choice from parents”
and giving you their trust.
What’s the meaning of attention or caring?
It means a lot of solutions like paying attention to the location of the Kids Area or play zone area and the Kids Area design.
Let’s go back to some tricks…


Second trick..

The interior and exterior design must be suitable for children and be filled with the spirit of fun and enjoyment for children.
Third trick..

We can prepar a small place in kid area for parents, so they can stay and watch their kids playing and having a lot of fun.

We talked about 3 tricks, and we’ll give you the 4th trick to be even more unique from others!

Fourth trick..

Qality in choosing all the requirements of the kids area is essential to choose the most useful supplies because all parents must ensure the health of their children and that the products available within Kids Aria are safe and of high quality.

Here we are with the 4 important tricks that will help you a lot.

We’ll explain to you more carefully the previous tricks


As we said, the kids area location must be in the lively place like a town centre. Cause location make the demand for your play zone area. Designs suitable for children is attractive and very effective and make it easier for you to bring parents in easily, In addition to the designs you can also prepare a small area for parents with some supplies such as hot drinks, agazines and books.

The toys you can buy:

🔸 Bridge
🔸 Connect 4
Connect 4 trick

Connect 4 trick


Bridge trick

Bridge trick


Amazing and interactive toys and with stability to take more than one child at the same time.
Quality not quantity 
We give our trust to those who provide us with safety and quality to make you the owner of the required confidence.
We have provide you with all the products needed for the Kids area with the required parents’ specifications.
Wait for us with more TRICKS!


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